Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast...

Since I will be having a brunch reception instead of a seated dinner, I'm always keeping my eyes out for appropriate table setting ideas. The traditional tall flower centerpieces and candle strewn table tops are just not our style. I also have this "new" obsession with burlap. I particularly like it because it reminds me of those large coffee bags which in turn makes me think of Costa Rica, which makes it obviously perfect for our wedding! Now that I've lead you down a tiny trail of obsession here are some of my favorite table settings:


1. Sweet and Simple: I love this one and I even already have access to a doily punch! Plus I love the purple thread sewn across the top, BUT I think this look would be a little informal for my wedding.


2. An Elegant Affair:I love this use of burlap because it breaks the table up a little more and in this case, since they decided to use a bench instead of chairs, it spaces the guests out appropriately. That being said, I don't think I could put my guest on a long bench. It would just be so inconvenient for the guests to get in and out of their seat, especially since I'm probably doing a buffet style brunch. So bench seating is almost certainly out of the question. I also love the jars with the little circular name tags tied around the opening with twine. So cute!


3. Tropical Romance: This are by far my favorite setup. I love the simplicity, the doily-esque placemats, the loose orchids and the pretty blush pink napkins! While I want my brunch to have a more laid-back, romantic, vintage, slightly whimsical feel, I want the evening Cake & Champagne reception to have a more elegant, romantic, vintage feel so I think that this would be a good start! L.oV.e.


4. Rustic texture: I really like this one because of the ribbon and the kraft paper luggage tag. D liked the "sprig of barley" (I am pretty sure it's wheat but it may very well be barley). Regardless I really like the thoughtfulness of this setting.


5. Carefree romance: When I saw this table, I literally gasped! Now I totally get that this is 75% lighting and good photography but it's still 25% gorgeousness. I love the simplicity of the setting. It is especially special because it really highlights the natural wood table underneath.

What are your thoughts? How much thought are you putting into your table settings??

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